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Frequently Asked Questions

research reports

Research reports are the answers to the most asked questions about our research reports and our company!! 

There are lots of research report assistance companies on the Internet. what makes your company any different or any better?

There are certain things you should know about ....first is that all of our work has been written specifically for us and by us!! We are not buying research reports .....or recycling papers that have been around for so long that they were available when your parents were in school. The second point is that all of these papers are stored in our computer system and this means ....that they donít have to be faxed.. ...scanned ....or sent via snail-mail. You can have one e-mailed to you in a matter of hours. Of course, there is also the fact that has their own team of contracted researchers and writers working 24 hours a that around the clock we can assure that our customersí needs are met. Yet another feature offered by is the fact that you can view a FREE one page excerpt from one of our listed papers ....just e-mail us at  with the filename of the paper(s) that you would like to see ..and in a few hours you'll have a portion for your personal review ....but remember during peak periods ..we merely ask that you be patient excerpt requests during these times vary  .....and may sometimes take as much as 8-14 hours to fulfill   ... and saving the best for last  ......our contracted writers write all of our material making it fresh, interesting, and best-suited for guiding you in your work.


What do I have to do to turn your paper in to my instructor as my own?

"YOU CANíT!" may "never" submit our work or anybody elseís work and claim it as your own for academic credit. In fact may not even take any ideas from our work without citing us as the original source in your own term paper. Doing so .....places you at risk of failure and even possible expulsion! Additionally, it could put you in an unpleasant legal situation with our company ....or with the contracted experts who write for us. The smart student understands that they are to use research examples from .....the same way they would if they were to look at how a friend of theirs approached the assignment when he or she took the class.

The intended purpose of research reports and any other TPS site that they be used as models to assist you in the preparation of your term papers ...or speeding up your own research efforts. Neither The Paper Store Enterprises Inc., or its affiliates will ever sell a model paper to "ANY" student giving us "ANY" reason to believe that he/she will submit our work ...either in whole or part ....for academic credit at any institution under their own name. Remember!!! . . . IF YOU QUOTE FROM OUR WORK, YOU MUST CITE OUR PAPER AS ONE OF YOUR SOURCES. The Paper Store does not engage nor participate in any transactions for the purpose of assisting students in committing academic fraud. This service is NOT available to anyone who does not have a valid ....ethical reason for seeking our tutorial assistance when writing research reports or any papers.



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All graphics, text, logos, & banners on and linking to Copyright © 2008 The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc. All research papers sold via are the property of the corporation and its contracted writers. Our work is designed only to assist students in the preparation of their own work. Students who use our service are responsible not only for writing their own papers, but also for citing The Paper Store as a source when doing so. Instructions for proper citation of our company are available upon request by writing to

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