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Papers On Gender & Society
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Kate Chopin's "The Storm": Complexity Masked By Simplicity
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3 pages in length. The writer discusses Chopin's use of simplistic symbolism as a means by which to address a more expansive underlying message in "The Storm." Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: TLCstorm.doc

Kate Chopin's "The Storm": Influence On Culture And Society
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5 pages in length. Kate Chopin's influence upon culture and society illustrates how much of an impact literary artists can have upon the world around them. While her characters might be based within a fictional atmosphere, the message they portray digs at the very core of some of societies most troublesome issues.
Filename: TLCKateC.rtf

Kate Chopin/Emotions of Women
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An 8 page essay that analyzes four stories by nineteenth century author Kate Chopin: "The Story of an Hour," "Ripe Figs," "A Respectable Woman," and "The Storm." The writer argues that Chopin, as a nineteenth century woman, focused her writing on the emotional experience of the women of her era. While many of these problems concern the severe societal expectations and restrictions under which women operated during the Victorian era, other aspects of her writing are more universal, relating to the emotions of women, their longings and their sexuality. By presenting her own unique focus, Chopin portrayed a vision of womanhood that provides a sharp contrast to the desexualized, stoic ideal of her era. No additional sources cited.
Filename: kh4kcho.rtf

Kathy Acker's "Don Quixote"
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A 5 page paper which examines Kathy Acker's book "Don Quixote" as it relates to romance and illusion. Craig Owens' "The Six Faces of Love" is also used in this discussion. Bibliography lists 1 additional source.
Filename: RAacker.rtf

Lars von Trier’s “Dancer in the Dark” and “Breaking the Waves”: Strength, Devotion and the Ideal Portrayed in the “Unlikely” Simple Central Characters
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This is a 5 page paper discussing the central characters in two films of Lars von Trier, “Breaking the Waves” and “Dancer in the Dark”. Two films of Lars von Trier, “Breaking the Waves” and “Dancer in the Dark” tell the story of two women who prove their strength through their devotion to the ones they love. In a strange scenario and a play between reality and the ideal however, von Trier portrays both women as seemingly simple and frail with their strength only being revealed later in their ultimate sacrifices for others. Bess in “Breaking the Waves” originally is portrayed to viewers as perhaps somewhat “mentally touched” as she talks to herself and God. While these may be seen as weak characteristics in reality, Bess portrays the ideal as her devotion to her husband leads to her compromising her own life. Similarly, Selma in “Dancer in the Dark” appears simplistic to viewers in the onset of the film but her dedication to her son and her perseverance to provide for him the savings he will require to save his sight override any concern for her own safety and she too sacrifices her own life for his; both women’s devotion portraying the ultimate ideal in devotion, selflessness and strength. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: TJLarsV1.rtf

Law and Feminist Theories: Does Feminism Always Concede Too Much?
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This 14 page paper considers the argument that "In using law's terms in order to challenge law, feminism always concedes too much". The paper considers this in connection to jurisprudence, with the discussion including different forms of feminist theory and the way in which they may influence the study and practice of jurisprudence. The bibliography cites 17 sources.
Filename: TEfemnlt.rtf

Leadership Roles for Women in Politics
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This 6 page paper looks at women's roles in politics and how they are different from the roles of men. Women as voters, candidates and office holders are concepts each discussed in depth. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: SA349ldr.rtf

Learned Gender
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This paper uses Deirdre N. McCloskey’s book “Crossing: A Memoir” to explore the idea that gender can be learned. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: HVlrngen.rtf

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