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Papers On Gender & Society
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Early Feminism/Woolf & Wollstonecraft
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A 7 page essay/research paper that contrasts and compares the early feminism of Mary Wollstonecraft, who penned A Vindication of the Rights of Women in 1792, and Virginia Woolf who wrote A Room of One's Own in 1928. While different in context and writing style, these two writers made many of the same points, as they endeavored to write in such a manner as to break through stereotyped notions of gender and make their readers realize that society and history's norm--in regards to women--was unjust and unethical. Examination of these two texts, with particular emphasis on the chapter in Wollstonecraft's text entitled "On National Education," shows that where the authors differed, besides differing context due to having been written in different eras, was in regards to their intended reading audience in each case. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: khwoowol.rtf

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3 pages in length. Ecofeminism strives to address the myriad ills that plague social and ecological justice, with particular emphasis upon learning from past mistakes. In former discussions of what defines the true principles of ecofeminism and its management, critics contend there are several problems with the overall concept, not the least of which includes the extent of ambiguity in relation to definition and assessment. While the theory may be accused of having no central definition, however, there is no misunderstanding as to the foundational basis of its overall mission. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: TLCecofemism.rtf

Economic Empowerment and its Relation to Women's Reproductive Choice and Health
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A 5 page examination of the contention that "the relationship between women's employment and fertility is 'elusive and ambiguous'". The author speculates that in some situations women's employment might be likely to result in greater sexual and reproductive choice. This contention can be demonstrated with a look at microcredit programs, programs which are designed to give women an economic leg-up in the world of business. Sometimes such programs, however, have unexpected results, results which could serve more as a detriment than as a benefit to women's reproductive choice and health. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: PPwmFert.rtf

Effect Of Fashion Industry On Development Of Adolescent Self-Esteem
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9 pages in length. The writer discusses how since the beginning of man's timeline, the issue of beauty has been one to dictate many social concerns. From the caveman era to ancient Greece to modern day society, physical beauty has endured constant change to its perception; however, one thing that has not changed is the power inherently associated with its presence and the unrelenting pressure to attain such status, particularly upon the impressionable adolescent population. Bibliography lists 10 sources. TLCfashn.rtf
Filename: TLCfashn.rtf

Effect Of Fashion Industry On Self-Esteem & Body Image
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A 10 page research paper investigating the how the fashion industry portrays the ideal woman and the effect of this stereotypical image on girls and women. Research indicates the result is lower self-esteem and worse, eating disorders, when girls cannot achieve the image that is put forth as the ideal successful woman. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: Fashione.wps

Effects of Family, Peers, School and Religion on Individual Socialisation
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Effects of family, peer, religion and school on socialization patterns throughout the life stages (Piaget and Erickson). Bibliography lists 4 sources. jvSocial.rtf
Filename: jvSocial.rtf

Egalia's Daughters/Gender Satire
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A 3 page essay that discusses how Egalia's Daughters, A Satire of the Sexes, by Norwegian writer Gerd Brantenberg creates a biting satirical look at the patriarchal structure that held sway in Western society until the advent of women's rights. Brantenberg pictures a world, Egalia, in which the gender roles are reversed and the society is completely matriarchal. By putting the rationalizations for patriarchy in terms that subjugate men, rather than women, Brantenberg highlights the absurdity of these arguments. No additional sources cited.
Filename: khegal2.rtf

Elisabeth Badinter's "Fausse Route" - Differential Approach To Understanding The Gender War
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10 pages in length. There is no secret that men and women are extraordinarily diverse creatures when compared from a multitude of angles; with perhaps the only aspect of similarity being their humanness, the male and female gender share little in the way of thoughts, emotions, physicality or virtually anything else. Feminists argue quite the opposite is true, claiming men and women are much more alike than people care to admit, however, women continue to be oppressed within patriarchal dominance. Elisabeth Badinter, author of Fausse Route, herself is a self-proclaimed feminist of a different sort, contends that women have no more been victimized by their male counterparts than have men sought to victimize them; instead, the author claims women themselves are to blame for the place they hold – and have long held – within society due to their inability to strike out and seize their autonomy. In short, Badinter credits – or blames – the elements of nature versus nurture in the differential sense to explain why the gender war continues to rage in the contemporary global society. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: TLCFausseRt.rtf

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