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Whistle Blowing and Confidentiality in the Healthcare Professions
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This 29 page paper examines the relative issues that affect health care professionals pertaining to whistleblowing with regard to confidentiality and the breach of the UK law. The paper conducts an in-depth literature review including examining the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 and relevant legislation and cases concerning confidentiality. The paper then determines a methodology for primary research in how these potentially conflicting aspects of law are reconciled by healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses, and suggests a questionnaire which could be used to conduct primary research. The bibliography cites 22 sources.
Filename: TEwhistblow.rtf

Who Will Benefit from the EU Enlargement?
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On the 1st of May 2004 ten new countries joined the European Union bring the membership to twenty-five states. This 33 page paper considers who will benefit from the enlargement by looking at the advantages and disadvantages to the exiting and the new member states. The paper starts by examining the original aims and benefits of the EU and then considers the new members. The paper includes consideration of the potential of the new members to join the Euro; the single European currency. The bibliography cites 12 sources.
Filename: TEnewEU.rtf

Why are Sainsbury's Failing?
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This 12 page paper is a research proposal to prove, or disprove, the hypothesis that Sainsbury's have been loosing business and market share as the shopping experience they provide is no longer able to meet the consumer needs. The paper is a full plan, including methodology outline, methodology and a timetable. The bibliography cites 6 sources.
Filename: TEsainsprop.rtf

Why has Fair Trade Chocolate Failed to Become a Top Selling Chocolate Bar; A Research Proposal
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This 14 page paper is a research proposal for assessing why a fair trade brand of chocolate does not outsell a well known brand of chocolate that is not fair trade certified. The paper starts with an introduction, aims and objectives and gives a justification for the subject. A literature review of relevant concepts is then followed by the outlining of a methodology and a timetable of undertaking the research. The bibliography cites 14 sources.
Filename: TEchocfair.rtf

Why is BMW Having Problems Increasing Market Share?
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This 32 page paper looks at BMW a company that has been trying, but struggling to increase market share. The paper starts with an introduction and examination of the problem. There is then an in-depth literature review looking at relevant models and theories that can be applied to the situation of BMW. The paper then simulates some primary research to assess target market opinions of BMW and their cars and presents a conclusion. The bibliography cites 15 sources.
Filename: TEBMWshare.rtf

Will implementation of an Employee Share Ownership Plan Improve Efficiency and Profitability
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This 40 page paper considers is the implementation of an Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) in a company is likely to improve efficiency and profitability. The paper looks at how this may be seen as motivation, as a tool of financial reward and a symbol of commitment as well as a tool by which the employee becomes a different type of stakeholder. The paper considers different theories of motivation and looks at the way in which financial rewards may or may not act as a motivator. The paper ends with a conclusion. The bibliography cites 17 sources.
Filename: TEeeshare.rtf

Will Margin Trading in Russia Increasing Volatility and Instability of the Russian Stock Markets?
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This 47 page paper assesses the potential impact of margin trading on the Russian stock markets. The paper gives an introduction with aims and objectives and the research methodology based on examining existing literature and models and applying them to modern Russia. An in-depth literature review examines the concept of margin trading and the different theories regarding its impact on the volatility of stock markets. The paper goes on to examine the development of the investment environment within Russia in order to determine the types of investors which at present within the market to facilitate the application of margin trading theories to this developing market. The paper finishes with a conclusion arguing that margin trading is likely to have a negative effect on the Russian stock markets due to the investment culture, stock market pressures and general trading patterns which are already present with in the stock market. The bibliography cites 34 sources.
Filename: TEmargintr.rtf

Will the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 Prevent or Give Investors Warning of Enron Type Scandals
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Investors are impacted when a major company, such as Enron fails due to inventive, creative or manipulative accounting supported by the corporate governance environment. This 50 page paper considers if changing the regulatory environment, as attempted in the US with the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, will either prevent or give early warnings of companies that are presenting misleading accounts. This is achieved by looking at how and why accounts are so important to investor confidence, how they can be manipulated inside and outside the spirit and letter of the law and how this information might be used by investors to value shares and influence the demand for the shares. The case of Enron is then studied and then the paper considers if the Sarbanes-Oxley Act could have prevented the practices that lead to the collapse, or if they would have given an earlier warning. The bibliography cites 36 pages.
Filename: TEsurenron.rtf

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