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The Visual Acuity Necessary to be an Optometrist
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This 36 page paper considers the importance of visual acuity for optometrists how it may be measured and whether there should be a specific minimum level ensured through regulation. The paper examines the viability of having a minimum standard and the practicality of testing the keenness and clarity of vision in optometrists. The paper then moves on to the importance in terms of the task performance along with the conditions and diseases that an optometrist may need to detect and diagnose. Finally, there is a discussion on whether regulation is the right way to ensure good patient care. The bibliography cites 25 sources.
Filename: TEoptomt.rtf

Three Research Methodologies for Inclusion in Education
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This 12 page paper provides an overview of three different methodologies that can be used in research on the issue of inclusion programming. This paper provides qualitative, quantitative and action research examples. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: MHIncDisMeth3.rtf

Total Quality Management; Why is it so Successful?
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This 40 page paper is a comprehensive examination of TQM and why it is so successful. The writer’s hypothesis states that TQM is so successful because it manages to balance people, including employees and customers, with processes with even the process embodying motivation theory the empowerment of employees. The paper starts with the theory by looking at what is meant by TQM and its origins and then considers how it motivates employees, how it considers customers and process. The writer then looks at examples of its use, including Six Sigma, (a TQM tool) and SERVQUAL. Numerous companies are cited throughout the paper to illustrate the points raised. The bibliography cites 22 sources.
Filename: TEtotqul.rtf

Towards Universal Happiness: Issues, Insights/Perspectives, Prospects and Challenges in Business Ethics
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The concept of universal happiness is an ideological goal which is both admirable and desirable. However, achieving this in a world where commercial enterprises have double standards where different ethics are applied depending upon the context of a country in which a company is operating is unlikely to lead to the realization of universal happiness. This 64 paper seeks to establish why double standards exist in multinational corporations especially relating to their practices in third world and developing countries, where there are minimal standards for compliance. Philosophic approaches that look at the concept of happiness, such as those by the Dalai Lama and Maxwell (2003) tend to agree on what it is, and even may be achieved. However, determining the ethical behaviors that will lead to the realization of universal happiness is more difficult due to a range of different beliefs structures, concepts and approaches to the way in which ethical behavior may be determined. There have been approaches to try and impact on corporate behavior and reduce the problem of double standards, examples include international legislation as well as voluntary code such the UN Global Compact. However, it is likely that any changes will take time as attitudes and cultures need to adjust, not only with the development of acceptable ethical standards that can be used to diversity, but with the ability to appreciate and respect diversity within the corporate environment, but not leveraging it in order to gain commercially at the cost of others. This is discussed with reference to a number of philosophical and ethical frameworks, including Kant, Mills, stakeholder approaches to business, relativism, universalism and utilitarianism, the challenges to ethical behavior and examples of measures to increase ethical behaviour. The bibliography cites 50 sources.
Filename: TEhapethics.rtf

Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: Challenges For Patient And Family
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A 62 page research paper that provides a comprehensive synopsis of the literature on the physical, emotional and psychosocial issues and challenges the spinal cord-injured patient must face. Besides the obvious physical challenges, there are numerous secondary medical and health conditions that can and often do emerge during the months and years following this type of injury. There are also any number of emotional and psychosocial issues and challenges. Both the patient and the patient's family experience a range of emotions. There are some consistent variables in the literature that influence how well the patient and the family adjust and move past the injury. These include available resources, emotional support and the strength of the family unit. Other variables found particularly important in the patient's recovery are attitude toward life and the opportunity to work or to be productive. The information presented in this article also includes implications for nursing. One of the objectives for this paper is publication. Subheadings include: introduction, purpose, justification, theoretical framework, objectives, methodology, definitions, economic impact of injury, physical and health issues and challenges, emotional and psychosocial issues and challenges, impact and challenges for the family, implications for nursing, conclusion and abstract. Statistical data included. 5 Tables included. Bibliography lists 45 sources.
Filename: PGtspci.rtf

Triangulation and Other Methodologies of Data Evaluation;
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This 30 page paper looks at the different methods of data evaluation available to researchers. Triangulation is considered and then compared to other methodologies such as meta analysis and evaluation research. Throughout the discussion the various sub categories of research are examined and explained. The final part of the paper uses a hypothetical study to show the way in which the different research method may be of use, and how despite the different categories they actually overlap a great deal. The bibliography sites 17 sources.
Filename: TEtriang.wps

Urban Land Supply; Drivers and Constraints in Beijing
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This 53 page paper considers the property market in Beijing and the way ownership of land rights are granted Peoples Republic of China in order to identify the major drivers and constraints on the supply and demand for land in the city of Beijing. The paper presents a literature review that looks at the different forms of property ownership, the way rights are granted in China and the evolution of property rights in the area to their current status. The paper then presents simulated qualitative research results from interviews to assess the drivers and constraints as they are perceived by those with property ownership rights in Beijing. The paper ends with a discussion and conclusion. The bibliography cites 65 sources.
Filename: TEbejing1.rtf

Urban Land Supply; Drives and Constraints in Beijing
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This 40 page paper studies the drivers and constraints on the supply of land in Beijing paying particular attention to the socio-political influences. The paper examines the issues and drivers of land control and supply from the perspective of urban planning and ownership, looking at general concepts, and then considers the way that the drivers and influences manifest in Beijing with the sue of property rights. The paper then simulates some primary research finding with the use of qualitative research using interviews. The bibliography cites 60 sources.
Filename: TEbeijing.rtf

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