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Papers On Earth & Physical Sciences
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The Cumberland Gap
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This 4 page report discusses the formation and discovery of the Cumberland Gap. Near the point where Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee meet, a natural passage, almost 20 miles long and 1.7 miles wide, was formed through the Cumberland Mountains, part of the southwestern division of the Appalachian Mountain system. Once thought to be a wind gap, the gap was actually formed by the erosive action of a stream that once flowed southward from present-day Middlesboro to join the Powell River. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: BWcumber.wps

The Detection of Planets Using Microlensing
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Microlensing has been described as the most suitable earthbound tool for detecting planets of low mass in distant galaxies by observing the effect their gravity has on the light of nearby stars. This 5 page paper considers the astronomical tool, how it works, some of the potential problems and the results it has yielded. The bibliography cites 11 sources.
Filename: TEmiclen.rtf

The Ecological Regions of Texas
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7 pages. Texas has eleven distinct ecological regions that are described in this paper. Scientific evidence shows that global warming is indeed occurring because of human activities. This paper shows the relationship between the global warming and Texas' ecological regions, and how they would be affected if a 10-degree increase in global warming were to occur. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: JGAtxeco.rtf

The Effect of Salt on Boiling Water
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A Literature Review: 5 pages. The effect of salt on boiling water is an interesting phenomenon. This literature review describes five articles that deal with this subject and give various fact and figures regarding salt and boiling water as well as explanations regarding the reason we have two types of temperature measurements, Celsius and Fahrenheit. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: JGAsalts.rtf

The Effects of the 1997-98 El Nino on Coral Reefs: Bleaching, Sea Surface Temperatures and Other Factors
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This is a 9 page paper discussing the effects of El Nino on the world’s coral reefs in addition to other factors. Excessive and sudden high sea water temperatures, El Nino, have a devastating effect on the coral reefs in over 100 countries around the world. High sea surface temperatures cause a disruption of enzymes in the coral’s zooxanthellae which then create toxic byproducts which kill the living coral resulting in a whitening or bleaching effect. Coral bleaching has been used in the last decade to study the changes in marine ecosystems using methods which include a combination of marine and satellite imagery efforts. The El Nino of 1997-98 was particularly destructive to the coral reefs as over 16 percent were instantly bleached in that year. In addition to the effects of sea temperatures rising, El Nino and human environmental factors, over 27 percent of the world’s coral reefs have been severely damaged. While it has been found that 30 percent may be recovering from the 1997-98 El Nino disaster, some reefs found in the Caribbean have shown no signs of recovery since 1998. Bibliography lists 14 sources.
Filename: TJelnin1.rtf

The End of the Universe: Trefil's Theories on and Ending Involving Fire Verses Ice
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A 4 page discussion of the question of whether our universe will end in fire or ice. The author reviews the predictions of James S. Trefil to conclude that there is no definitive answer as to whether the universe will ultimately end in fire or ice, only speculation and opinion. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: PPuniver.rtf

The Endangered Species: Ivory from Elephants
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5 pages. The African elephant is threatened with extinction and the trade in their ivory was forbidden in 1989 by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). There is still, however, a serious poaching problem because ivory remains to be a highly sought after product. The implications of this illegal trade and the demand for it is discussed along with the organizations and groups that are involved. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: JGAivory.rtf

The Future of Geography
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This 5 page paper examines two different articles on geography as a discipline. Are external factors more influential than in the past? Why is this the case? How the discipline is viewed and why things should change are issues examined in the scope of this thoughtful piece. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: SA519geo.rtf

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