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Papers On Earth & Physical Sciences
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Physical Features Of Mount St. Helens And Mount Etna
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This 6 page report discusses the physical features of Mount St. Helens in southwestern Washington State and compares it briefly with Mount Etna in Sicily. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: Physfeat.wps

Pima County Arizona
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8 pages in length. The writer discusses the human aspect (population, ethnic diversity, economics) and physical geography (habitat, climate, vegetation) of Pima County, Arizona. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
Filename: TLCcnty.rtf

Piotr Alekseyevich Kropotkin’s “Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution”
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This 8 page report discusses the theories of Piotr Alekseyevich Kropotkin (1842-1941), a Russian geographer, social philosopher, and political anarchist. Kropotkin’s work and observations of the natural world convinced him that creatures survived when they supported one another but had to face an enormous amount of pain and dissension when they turned on one another. Such thinking flew in the face of the popularity of Social Darwinism and served as a significant philosophical contention. “Mutual Aid” was primarily written as a rebuttal to Thomas Huxley’s essay titled “The Struggle for Existence in Human Society.” Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: BWkropot.wps

Planet Hunters May Rival Indiana Jones.
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(5 pp) "Or it might have formed from a large burp of matter from its host star, or maybe a passing star just left a chunk of itself behind at some time in the past, "Marcy said. "It may even have moons around it, but I just don't know what to call it." Sounds like conversation from a discarded sci-fi novel, doesn't it? How about that is real conversation from January of this year (2001). Geoffrey Marcy of the University of California, at Berkeley, calls himself a "planet hunter." He and his team have located "something,"123 light-years from Earth, is indeed a planet, it would be the largest ever detected. This guy is so big we don't know what to call it," Marcy said. Bibliography lists 3 sources and 2 visuals of expoplanets.
Filename: BBplthtr.doc

Plant And Animal Species In The California Desert
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6 pages in length. The California desert is not conducive for just any life form, but rather only those who have effectively undergone the necessary physiological adaptations that allow them to withstand extreme heat and cold. Indeed, it can readily be argued that heat is not the only prerequisite for desert environment, inasmuch an arctic-like atmosphere is just as much a part of the desert since its water source is locked within the ice structures. Therefore, there are two distinctly separate entities of life forms that exist within the desert landscape: the heat-adapted and the cold-adapted. Bibliography lists 9 sources and 5 small charts.
Filename: TLCCalDs.rtf

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This 5 page paper profiles the Birch tree and all in the betulaceae family. Profile includes taxonomy, uses (medicinal, agricultural) as well as research, cultivation and legends. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: MBbirch.rtf

Plate Tectonics
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A 5 page discussion of plate tectonics and the phenomenon's influence on the formation of the various features of the earth's topography such as the Himalayan Mountains. Emphasizes that the process is ongoing and that the mountains continue to grow to this day. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: PPhimala.wps

Plate Tectonics
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A 7 page paper discussing the theory of plate tectonics. Citing the works of various key theorists, the write describes how exploring plate tectonics helps us to better understand the validity of Continental Drift. Bibliography lists five sources.
Filename: Platet.wps

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