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Papers On Biology
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The Philosophical Debate Between Realism And Nominalism: How They Relate To Species, Genes, And Niches
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12 pages in length. Ever since the tenets of philosophy came into existence, there has been an ongoing debate between the concepts of realism and nominalism. When one considers these two divergent viewpoints, one is quick to discern their repelling structure, inasmuch as no individual can allege to support both doctrines; clearly, one is either a realist or a nominalist – neither the two shall meet. The writer discusses the properties of nominalism and realism, as well as employs example work from Roger Sperry, George Herbert Mead, and George Berkeley in order to demonstrate the relationship of realism and nominalism to species, genes and niches. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: TLCnomin.doc

The Philosophy of Biology
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This 8 page paper relates the concept of the developmental challenge relative the philosophical perspectives on biology. In particular, this paper considers whether genic selectionists are guilty of ignoring the developmental process, and as a result, this paper outlines the developmental systems theory as a part of this argument. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: MHBioPhi.rtf

The Phylum Mollusca
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A 10 page discussion of the phylogeny of the phylum Mollusca. Provides an overview of the major classes of Mollusca including Amphineura, Monoplacophora, Gastropoda, Pelecypoda, Scaphopoda, and Cephalopoda. Outlines common morphological features known as synomorphies and discusses the variations between species. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: PPmollsk.wps

The Physical and Psychological Impacts of Bioterrorism
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A 14 page overview of the problem of bioterrorism. Addressing the debate surrounding proper governmental intervention to prevent bioterrorism, this paper emphasizes the physical and psychological impacts of the problem. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: PPbioTe2.rtf

The Physiological and Behavioral Components of Sexual Mimicry
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This 10 page paper outlines a study on sexual mimicry in animal populations. The physiological and behavioral components of sexual mimicry can be viewed through an understanding of polymorphism and the changes that occur in flycatcher populations. A number of studies of flycatcher populations provide a basis for understanding the physiological and behavioral changes that occur in the presence of different stimuli. This study relates to these changes through a view of existing studies, and assesses the methodologies used by other researchers to determine the best ways of studying this population.
Filename: mhmimic3.rtf

The Pitfalls and Positive Aspects of Biotechnology
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This 6 page paper examines various aspects of bioengineering in the food industry. Both sides of the issue are discussed and the paper concludes that genetically modified foods are good, but regulation should be employed and caution should be the rule. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: SA627bio.rtf

The Process Of Osmosis
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A 6 page overview of osmosis in the living organism and in industrial applications such as desalination, sewage treatment, and groundwater treatment. The term osmosis is used to denote the process by which liquids move through a semipermeable membrane. Bibliography lists five sources.
Filename: Osmosis.wps

The Relation of Cattle Behavior To Environmental Factors
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A 5 page overview of cattle behavior. Provides a background on cattle domestication and the long term relationship with man. Notes, however, that cattle behavior in more open areas is considerably more complex than that observed in feed lots and dairy barns. Correlates behavior such as grazing, sleeping, and body position to the type and height of plant species, the type of terrain, the position of the sun, and other environmental factors. References lists 6 sources.
Filename: PPcattle.wps

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