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Papers On Political Science & Government
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Applications of the Classic Tests for a Just War
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This 5 page paper lists the classic tests for a just war then discusses those tests in regard to several international issues. An emphasis is made that issues must be evaluated within context and that the stamping out of evil and the promotion of good is of paramount concern. The problem that consistently emerges, however, is who is defining evil and who is defining good. Bibliography lists 3 sources
Filename: PPwarJustificationsTests1.rtf

Applying The CAPITAL System Of Evaluation To George W. Bush's Web Site
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5 pages in length. The writer evaluates George W. Bush's web site based upon the CAPITAL method. No additional sources cited.
Filename: TLCgeo_w.doc

Apportionment In Congress
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Apportionment in Congress is presented in this 5 page paper. The design of apportionment in both houses is discussed along with contemporary economists' view of fairness in the original methodology. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: Appcon.wps

Approaches to a Nationwide Prescription Drug Plan
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A 9 page discussion of the economic feasibility of a nationwide prescription drug plan. Explores this issue from the perspective that such a program could wield leverage in controlling what currently are widely fluctuating drug prices. Uses the example of one brand name drug and major drug manufacturer to illustrate that indeed there is a tremendous variation in drug prices across distribution channels and regions but also a tremendous profit for the drug companies. Emphasizes that while the drug companies are enjoying such profit many of our elderly, because of limited finances, are literally having to make the choice of medicine or food. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: PPmedDrg.wps

Arabian Democracy?: Factors Shaping the Democratic Future of Arabic Countries
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A 17 page overview of the political environment of Arab countries. Contends that although these countries have a long history of resistance to democratic structure and were to a large degree passed by in the third wave of democratization which encompassed many other countries, a number of factors are currently interacting to gradually steer them in this direction. Outlines the advantages of democracy and weighs them against the advantages of the current political and ideological structure of these countries. Notes the influence of technology, the Internet in particular, in speeding change. Bibliography lists 11 sources.
Filename: PParabDm.wps

Are America's Political Parties In Resurgence?
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An 8 page paper discussing the future of America's political parties. An old saying that holds too true is that the Democrats institute the social programs and the Republicans work them into the budget. In looking back over the decades of only this century, that rule of thumb appears to be irrefutable. The personal convictions of the individual will ensure the ultimate prosperity of his party, as there are myriad points on which the two parties hold opposing views. Voters increasingly are calling politicians to account, however, and the most assured performance review we can hand the party of our choice is that which we can deliver on election day. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: Partiesre.wps

Are Democracy And Capitalism Compatible
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A 7 page paper that begins with definitions of democracy and capitalism. The writer discusses if a democracy can exist without capitalism and if capitalism can exist in a form of government that is not democratic. The relationship between the two concepts is discussed with a conclusion. bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: PGdmcp.rtf

Are Democratic Priniciples Universally Applicable?
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A 5 page contention that two of the primary democratic tenants clash vehemently among some peoples and cultures. Democracy is predicated on majority vote yet it is also predicated on the assumption that certain human rights apply equally to all. This paper uses the example of Islam to contend that the principles of democracy are not universally applicable. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: PPdemocracyUniversality.rtf

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