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“Comparison between Turkey and Colombia”
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A paper which looks at some of the similarities and differences between Turkey and Colombia, in terms of their economic structure, their social policies, the way in which they have been able to restructure in recent years, how they are perceived on an international level and the areas in which there is still a need for further development. JLturkcol.wps
Filename: JLturkcol.wps

“Dictatorship, Democracy and Development” by Mancur Olsen
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A 3 page summary of the article “Dictatorship, Democracy, and Development by Mancur Olsen. No additional sources cited.
Filename: RAmancur.rtf

“Eroding Military Influence In Brazil Politicians Against Soldiers”: A Discussion of the Book by Wendy Hunter
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An 8 page overview of the “rational choice theory” proposed by this author in an attempt to explain the effect of Brazil’s democracy on the gradual erosion of military emphasis in favor of programs perceived by the masses to be in their best interests. Suggests that politicians make a rational decision to pursue the votes of the masses over the few which could be gleaned by maintaining a more militarily favorable approach. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: PPbrzRtn.wps

“European government elections in the American media”
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A paper which looks at the way in which the recent elections in Italy and the United Kingdom are treated in the American media, and the extent which the politics of personalities influences both the electorate itself and the way that foreign journalists perceive election campaigns in European countries.
Filename: JLelections.wps

“How Holocausts Happen, The United States in Central America”: A Review of the Book by Douglas Porpora
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A 3 page overview of the contentions presented by Porpora that the public opinion surrounding U.S. intervention in Central America was similar to the public reaction to the Jewish Holocaust as it was perpetuated by the German Nazis, that general apathy allows such Holocaust-like events to occur. This paper contends that while Porpora is correct in his contention that the U.S. has been at least indirectly involved in many atrocities in Central America, to compare the events which have unfolded there to the Jewish Holocaust of World War II is an overt distortion of the facts and circumstances.
Filename: PPholoCA.rtf

“Illiberal” Democracy -- Authoritarianism in Disguise
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This 10 page report discusses the idea of “illiberal” democracy and how in nations throughout the world, democratic elections are held and then pointed to as examples of the democratization of the country. Such systems are those which claim to be democracies but are actually a hybrid in which political liberties exist but civil liberties are limited. The rule of the people is determined by what those ruling the people want them to want. Peru serves as an excellent example of that process and is discussed in the paper. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: BWildemo.rtf

“Living History” by Hillary Rodham Clinton
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A 12 page paper which examines Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book “Living History” and then discusses it in relationship to leadership theories and practices. Bibliography lists 5 additional sources.
Filename: RAhillry.rtf

“Living System” Software
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A 7 page paper comparing software to a living system. Still in development by Sandia National Laboratories is MentorPal®, software that employs neural-network technology to automatically offer “individual real-time advice to soldiers and other government teams in the field.” MentorPal has many of the features of a living system, defined as a system with boundaries, metabolism, defining code, purpose, complexity and a defined size, that also is self-organizing and operates within a framework of conceptual meaning. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: KSitSoftLivingSys.rtf

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