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Papers On Nursing : Birth Through Death
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Searching for Theory on CINAHL
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A 5 page paper discussing the theories of Neuman, Orem and Roy in 2 pages followed by the actual search results gained from a search of the CINAHL database in terms linking those theorists with perioperative nursing. Search results list 2 articles discussing each of the 3 theorists. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: KSnursPeriCINAHL.rtf

Secondhand Smoke & Nursing Intervention
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A 10 page research paper on the dangerous effects of secondhand smoke and some of the measures that nursing professionals can/should take to educate patients and to protect non-smokers. It is stressed that nursing students in particular, should make an effort to better-educate themselves about the ails of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: Secondha.wps

Self harm
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A seven page paper which considers the way in which self-harmers are dealt with by social and health care workers, the underlying psychological reasons for self-injury, and recommendations for improvements in interventions. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: JLselfha.rtf

Self-Agency & Nursing Theoretical Perspectives
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A 5 page research paper. One of the basic principles of nursing is that intervention should aid the client/patient in obtaining the goal of self-agency or self-care. Nurses, in other words, do not seek simply to aid patients during a period of illness or injury, but to help them in reestablishing their ability to care for themselves and thereby resume their normal lives. This examination of this patient concern looks at the goal of self-agency from the perspective offered by three different nursing theoretical models, that of Orem, King and Rogers. This discussion will illustrate some of the numerous benefits that can be gained from employing nursing theory (or models) in considering patient concerns. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: kh3modsc.rtf

Self-Care: Conceptual Analysis
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14 pages in length. The writer discusses how the objective for maintaining and/or regaining one's health by way of the self-care concept is found in two primary components: 1) patient involvement and 2) nurse's guidance. Isolating questions include if the patient is physically and/or mentally stable enough to facilitate his or her own recovery; whether the nurse is able to convey the necessary information regarding the application of self-care; and how effective the patient is at both understanding and applying the concept. The essential uses of the concept, therefore, are to instill the patient with a significant responsibility for health recovery and maintenance. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: TLCSelfCare.rtf

Self-Development as a Nurse
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A 15 page essay/research paper that offers a student a comprehensive template for discussing self development in reference to pursuing a masters degree in nursing. It is taken as axiomatic that in order to reach a specific destination, it is wise to obtain a road map and plan one's route for reaching that destination. Similarly, this type of thinking is equally wise in regards to life in general. In order to achieve specific goals, that is, one's "destination," it is advantageous to have a "road map," which delineates, first of all, what the destination-goals are and offers a strategy for achieving them. The development of such a "road map" begins with self knowledge. However, it also entails looking at available options; evaluating areas for possible improvement, and consideration of lifetime goals and objectives, both professional and personally. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: khnursd.rtf

Self-Efficacy/Concept Analysis/Within OB/GYN Context
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A 9 page research paper, which addresses the concept of self-efficacy within the environmental context of an OB/GYN clinic. Within this setting, there are numerous instances where the patient's feeling of self-efficacy, either its existence or its lack, exerts a significant influence on the patient outcome. Self-efficacy plays a role in the incidence of adolescent pregnancy, which has tremendous negative repercussions that affect the adolescent, the offspring and society at-large. Self-efficacy influences sexual behavior that incurs the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, self-efficacy influences maternal behavior during pregnancy and whether or not the mother-to-be avoids behavior that is known to be hazardous to the fetus, such as smoking, alcohol and drug use. This concept analysis defines, clarifies and explores the implications of this concept toward OB/GYN practice, with a particular emphasis on the problem of interventions for preventing teen pregnancy and unsafe sexual behavior. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: khsefobg.rtf khsefobg.rtf

Self-Massage and Meditation in Self-Care
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A 6 page paper discussing various self-care modalities (self-massage, music, meditation, exercise and imaging) to be used over the period of a class in holistic nursing. Self-massage and meditation are the modalities chosen, because neither requires any specialized equipment and neither requires that another person be available to assist. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: KSnursMasg.rtf

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