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Papers On Environmental Issues & Ecology
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The Impact and Sustainability of People and the Environment in Morocco
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This is a 7 page paper discussing the impact the environment has on the activities of the people of Morocco and the impact the people have on the environment. The environment of Morocco has an immense impact on the activities of the people who live there. In order to compensate for different aspects of the environment the people of Morocco have learned to adapt and have tried to compensate for the impact of their environment while being able to maintain an ever increasing population. This interaction between the environment and the people who live within it is know as the area of sustainable development which essentially takes into account the needs of the current population while not compromising the needs of future generations. Morocco’s increasing population however, especially in the expanding urban areas will no doubt eventually have a larger influence on the environment than it will have on them. With the gradual introduction of more chemicals to sustain the crops and roads to increase the transportation needs of the country, it would seem that the environment will not be sustained for future generations. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: TJMoroc1.rtf

The Impact of Building and Disposing of Yachts and Small Craft on the Environment
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This 5 page paper considers the different materials that are used to build yachts and small water craft and who they interact with the environment during creation and use in building the craft and at the disposal of the boat. The bibliography cites 5 sources.
Filename: TEboatbu.rtf

The Impact of Companies Adopting Green Policies
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This 32 page paper looks at why firms may adopt green or environmentally friendly policies and strategies, the advantages and the disadvantages, including the direct and indirect financial consequences. The arguments are illustrated with the use of real world examples. The paper then considers the impact on a company's overall strategy and planning as a result of the adoption of green polices. The bibliography cites 24 sources.
Filename: TEcompgreen.rtf

The Impact of Environmental Legislation on Business and The Role of Business in Conservation and Global Resource Management
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This is a 9 page paper discussing the impact environmental legislation has had on business and the role of business in regards to global resource management and conservation. Within the last two decades, the environmental impact of business and industry has led to necessary legislation in global resource management. In many instances, businesses have had to change their design, processing and testing practices in order to comply with legislation which cost many industries a great deal of money. On the other hand, there has also been a great deal of waste in the business and industry sectors which has had an extreme environmental impact globally. Because of this, the role of business in regards to global resource management and conservation has increased significantly. Many businesses have taken a pro-active stance and initiated environmentally-friendly practices which not only decrease their own costs, especially in the area of energy consumption, but have also provided the businesses with a positive public image and can help in the marketing of their products. Because the world’s population and need is seen as increasing while the natural resources around the world are seen as decreasing, it is the expected role of business to not only comply with environmental legislation which will decrease the environmental impact of industry but businesses must also become proactive in the areas of conservation and global resource management. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: TJbusev1.rtf

The Impact of Environmentally Friendly Products in Britain's Supermarkets
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This 7 page paper looks at changes in Britain's supermarkets inclusive of strict government regulations and industry standards. Environmentally friendly products are discussed in light of the expansion of the British supermarket and its impact on the society and the economy. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: SA019Env.rtf

The Impact Of Hurricane Andrew
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18 pages in length. With the dubious honor of being one of the most expensive natural disasters in American history, Hurricane Andrew's importance as an environmental health topic is because of 1) technological progress for warning systems that has occurred since Andrew; 2) the critical need for disaster preparedness on a large state and government scale; and 3) the need for greater disaster preparedness at every point, both public and legislative. Annotated bibliography lists 11 sources.
Filename: TLCHurrAndrew.rtf

The Impact of the Automobile Hybrids
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This 5 page paper takes a look at the hybrids introduced in 2000 and, most importantly, future ramifications. The political, economic, environmental and social impacts of the invention are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: SA037car.wps

The Impacts of Organic Loading on Estuarine Ecology
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A 10 page overview of the multitude of impacts which excessive nutrients can have in an estuarine system. Emphasizes the impacts to benthic species such as macrophytic plants, gastropods, bivalves, and crustaceans. Concludes that the solution to these problems is far from simplistic, that in involves not only regulation and enforcement but also a consistent approach around the world in regard to nutrient loading. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: PPbenthc.wps

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