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Papers On Environmental Issues & Ecology
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The Ethics of Environmentalism
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A 10 page paper discussing the fallacy of myths surrounding environmentalism; providing concrete examples in opposition to those myths; and discussing ethics within the utilitarian perspective. Examples include Dow Chemical's abandonment of I,I,I trichloroethane well in advance of the ban on it and how the company used to ban to serve the environment while also enhancing its own business opportunities. Other examples include a Swedish city using industrial waste heat for city apartment buildings; a Dutch shrimp farm using waste heat to make shrimp production possible in the North Sea; and an urban planner's observations that the belief that wide suburban streets are more desirable is not supported by research results. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: KSenvEthics.rtf

The Everglades: Ecological Diversity and Travesty
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A 5 page overview of the ecological diversity of the Everglades. Outlines the climatologic, ecological, and hydrologic factors which interact to make this one of the most ecologically diverse systems on earth. Discusses the threats to this system the changes which have occurred over the years. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: PPevrgld.wps

The Expansion of Cattle Ranching in the West
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An 8 page overview of the initiation of cattle ranching in the West. Traces the history of this land use from the Spanish land grants to the Treaty of Guadelupe Hildalgo, signed on February 2, 1848, in which Mexico ceded Arizona,California, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming to the United States. Continues in the history through the opening of the Cherokee strip in Oklahoma. Emphasizes that cattle ranching can have many adverse impacts in addition to its positive ones. Notes the displacement of indigenous peoples and animals which occurred as ancillary impacts to the expansion of cattle ranching in the West. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: PPranch.wps

The Explanations for the Lobster Die-Offs on Long Island
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This 6 page paper provides an overview of the problem of spraying for the West Nile Virus in New York. The focus of the paper is in respect to the lobster die-offs prevalent on Long Island. Several explanations for the dying lobsters are explored. The paper supports the position that the spraying should stop. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: SA215lob.rtf

The Extinction Vortex in Regard to Bees
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This 8 page paper discusses the “extinction vortex” with regard to what it is and how it is used. It also examines such things as the sex ratio, population size and lethal recessive allele with regard to species survival. Finally, it discusses the apparent die-off of bees in the U.S. and considers reasons for it. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
Filename: HVExtVor.rtf

The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Lasting Damage
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An 8 page paper. In 1989, the Exxon Valdez dumped 11 million gallons of oil in Prince William Sound, Alaska. At the time, the common consensus was that time would heal nature and within a couple of years, the ecosystem would most likely recover. That was a massive error in thinking. Thirteen years later, species are still recovering and some may never fully recover. This paper discusses what scientists and researchers have discovered about the long-term effects of huge oil spills, species that are and are not recovering and lifestyles that never recovered. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: PGexvlls.rtf

The Farm As A Natural Habitat
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A 9 page paper that provides a critique of The Farm as Natural Habitat: Reconnecting Food Systems With Ecosystems by Jackson and Jackson. The writer cites other authors, such as Thoreau, Wes Jackson, and Hannum in the critique. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: PGfrmh8.rtf

The Fate of the Earth
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This 5 page report discusses the undeniable fact that any and every environment can support only a certain level of load placed upon it by its varied inhabitants. The load consists of the resources the inhabitants consume, as well as the wastes they expel. When that consumption and waste load exceeds what the environment can tolerate, the environment, quite simply, begins to break down. It is this very elementary fact that must be kept as the foremost component in our consciousness when considering environmental concerns and the conservation of natural resources. Without such consciousness, the fate of the earth and humanity along with it is undeniably bleak. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: BWfateE.doc

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