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Papers On Environmental Issues & Ecology
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Howard Frumkin's "Environmental Health" - Chapter 11 Analysis
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3 pages in length. The main points of Patz's (2005) article entitled "Climate Change" in Frumkin's book Environmental Health illustrate just how vitally intertwined every consequence of global warming is to the continued well being of the planet and all its inhabitants. From food supplies to flooding from changes in sea levels and temperature thresholds to increases in human mortality rates, Patz (2005) clearly identifies the unavoidable domino effect that has begun to transpire as the detrimental climate changes continue to occur from such realities as greenhouse gases. No additional sources cited.
Filename: TLCfrumkin.rtf

Howard Frumkin/Environmental Health
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A 4 page paper that briefly summarizes the contents from 4 chapters in Environmental Health, From Global to Local, edited by Howard Frumkin. Chapters 8, 9, 10 and 13 are summarized. No additional sources cited.
Filename: khfr89.rtf

Howard Frumkin/Environmental Health
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A 7 page research paper, which outlines and responds to issue questions pertaining to the first seven chapters of Environmental Health, edited by Howard Frumkin (2005). No additional sources cited.
Filename: khfrukin.rtf

Human Benefits of Globalization
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A 5 page paper discussing a statement that world events other than tragedy serve to bring the world's people together in an increasingly effective global village. The paper discusses the formation and operation of the European monetary union and the emissions credits of the Kyoto protocol as examples. The ability to sell its emissions credits to industrialized nations has brought economic opportunity to Madagascar that did not exist before resolution of the Kyoto protocol, positively contributing to long-term sustainability while providing the people of the nation an item for sale that places no pressure on the local environment. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: KSglobBeneHum.rtf

Human Habitations' Contribution to Pollution
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This 12 page report discusses the contribution made by humans and their habitats to the growth of pollution and the depletion of the earth's natural resources. The past several decades have shown that there is considerable evidence that science and technology can create more efficient ways to coexist with nature and actually reduce environmental degradation. However, there must always be a concern that enough is truly being done. Improvement over the past means little if the natural resources of the planet continue to be depleted. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: BWhabpol.wps

Human Impact On Ecological And Biological Systems
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11 pages in length. Mankind created more technological breakthroughs during the twentieth century than any other that came before. From medical to economic to environmental, humanity's constant quest for progression has rendered an impressive list of accomplishments. However, there is not a good that exists without its opposite bad; where man's perpetual improvement is concerned, there has been a long history of detrimental impact upon both ecological and biological systems. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: TLCHumImpct.rtf

Human Impact Upon The Environment: Ocean Pollution And Marine Life
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12 pages in length. Man's desire to further his own progress as a species has rendered a wholly detrimental impact upon the global environment; that humanity continues to pursue recreation, community development and technological advancement in such a way as to impose tremendous pollutants into the ground, water and atmosphere speaks to a species whose careless actions are influencing the planet's very survival. Nowhere is this more evident than with ocean pollution and the devastating impact it has had upon marine life. Bibliography lists 14 sources.
Filename: TLCOceanPoll.rtf

Human Influence on Mono Lake
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A 5 page paper reviewing the human component of the natural history of California’s Mono Lake, and the restoration requirements that have been in place since 1998. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: KSmonoLake.rtf

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