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The Theater is Life
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3 pages in length. A creatively-written essay on how art imitates life and how life, in turn, imitates art. The writer analyzes the elements of a typical play : director, script, stage, etc;-- and makes thoughtful analogies comparing them each to some aspect of life itself (i.e., consciousness, thinking, leadership, etc;). An excellent reference for drama majors ! No Bibliography.
Filename: Lifeplay.wps

The Thermal Dynamic Hydrous Conveyance
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5 pages. This essay on the creativity and function of certain objects expresses the physical, mental and spiritual challenges that go into the design and fabrication of any creation. Everything we see in the modern world was once nothing but a thought. By applying energy and creativity to our thoughts we have created the entire world around us. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: JAcffcup.rtf

The Things we Carry: Emotionally and Physically
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7 pages. This interesting and thought-provoking paper gives anecdotes and explanations about the things people carry with them both emotionally and physically. Imagine the person who is never without an umbrella and also carries silent memories of childhood abuse. Consider the people that always have candy bars and snacks in purses, briefcases or in their desk, and are closet anorectics. These type examples and others are more fully explored in this paper.
Filename: JGAcarry.rtf

The Use of Body Metaphors in Contemporary Text
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This is a 4 page paper discussing the use of body metaphors in contemporary text. Metaphors within contemporary text are used to emphasize particular events, situations, emotions or physical states and are considered by some that today “one cannot think without metaphors”. The use of body metaphors within text is easy to grasp for all readers who can relate more so to images related to the body that with objects to which they have little association. There are two different types of body metaphors used most frequently in text and conversations. Firstly, within text, body parts can be used to emphasize a particular function of an object in relation to its whole. This is common in political functions such as in instances of “head of state”, “body of the assembly”, “arms of the network” and “military footmen”; all which emphasize the function of that person, place or object within the system as a whole. Another type of body metaphor is in reference to the feelings within a body itself such as when an individual describes himself as being “torn in two”, “up against a wall”, or “hot-blooded” in which individuals may use metaphors to explain a state or condition and are often considered as “images of speech” and in the case of psychiatric counseling the “metaphor captures their feelings and beliefs about themselves”. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: TJbodym1.rtf

The Use of Language in Informational Literature
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This 5 page paper takes articles from the internet and evaluates the use of language by authors. The topic of the articles is organizational culture. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: SA250org.rtf

The Use of Metaphor in Political Writing
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This 3 page paper addresses the subject of metaphor and how it is utilized in political writing. One article is evaluated and specific metaphors analyzed. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: SA315met.rtf

The Use of Metaphors in Judy Ruiz’s Essay “Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy”
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This is a 5 page paper discussing the use of metaphors in Ruiz’s essay “Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy”. Judy Ruiz’s 1988 essay “Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy” tells of the experience and feelings a woman has when her brother informs her that he is having a sex change operation and will now be her “sister”. In an effort to grasp this realization, the narrator tells the story of her and her brother through a series of flash backs which seem to help clarify for her that her brother’s decision is his own and he seems to be happy with it. Another method the narrator uses to clarify the situation for herself is her use of metaphors, the most prominent being the orange, which symbolize aspects of life and how well life in lived. In addition to the orange metaphors, the narrator also uses other fruit and food metaphors to describe personalities, as well as sexual metaphors, clothing metaphors and lingo used within the mental health system. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: TJJRuiz1.rtf

The Use of the English Language (Question and Answer Form)
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This 3 page paper examines several topics such as rhetorical strategies, word definitions and the technique of compare and contrast. Examples are given for each of these subjects. No bibliography.
Filename: SA416Eng.rtf

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