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Papers On Internet & Related Issues
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Music in Postmodern Times
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This 5 page paper takes a look at the music industry and how it has changed as a result of technological advances. Napster and Farmclub are highlighted in this paper that focuses on changes effected as a result of the computer. Bibliography lists 4 sources .
Filename: SA109Nap.wps

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This 4 page paper looks at Napster and the way in which it brought the downloading of music over the internet into the mainstream. The paper is based on questions and materials supplied by the student.
Filename: TENapster.rtf

Napster vs. the Record Companies
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A 10 page research paper that examines the latest legal difficulties of the online phenomenon, Napster, and how this new technology is fundamentally changing the record industry. Bibliography lists 15 sources.
Filename: khnapter.wps

Napster’s Demise
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A 9 page paper examining the reasons that Napster was forced out of business while other download services still operate today. Shawn Fanning’s Napster music download site unleashed a flurry of legal action that eventually led to the company’s demise. The purpose here is to assess the case and look for lessons in it. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: KSethicsNaps.rtf

Natural Language Searching
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This5 page paper looks at the definition, use, and development of natural language searching. When compared with other search methods such as Boolean searches this has proven to be more accurate as well as more popular, the reasons for this are discussed as well as its disadvantages. The future of natural language searching is also considered. The bibliography cites 4 sources.
Filename: TEnatlan.wps

Negative Social Impacts of the Internet on Society
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This 5 page report discusses the many ways in which the Internet is not the “connection point” many claim it to be and is actually eroding many of the most fundamental aspects of social interaction.The Internet has been praised as modern humanity’s newest channel of meaningful communication and vilified as nothing more than the newest commercial channel for meaningless advertising. Both statements are relatively justifiable. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: BWintneg.wps

Net Neutrality
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A 4 page consideration of the question of how net access should be insured. The question of whether or not network operators such as Verizon and Comcast should be prohibited from providing (for a fee) expedited delivery of internet packets is addressed. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: PPnetNeutrality.rtf

Network Congestion Control
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This 10 page paper takes a look at network congestion and remedies to alleviate it. The paper is broken down into various sections such as applications, configurations and technology in order to explore these topics individually while addressing the problem of congestion as a whole. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: SA039IT.rtf

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