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Papers On Internet & Related Issues
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E-Business Provides Opportunities
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A 11 page paper that discusses the opportunities e-business and e-commerce provide to companies with an emphasis on production and transactions. The paper begins with definitions of 'e-commerce' and 'e-business' and a description of the two major types of e-commerce businesses conduct. Statistical data about Internet sales and revenues are included for the U.S., the UK and the EU. Data regarding business-to-business e-commerce are also reported. The rest of the paper explores and investigates the many advantages and benefits derived from e-business and e-commerce, including the potential reduction in production costs and increased revenues through more business transactions. Bibliography lists 20 sources.
Filename: PGebsop.rtf

E-Business Web Site
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3 pages in length. The writer briefly discusses Web site strategy for three up-and-coming online retailers. No bibliography.
Filename: TLCEBizWeb.rtf

E-Business: The Effect of the Dot-Com Fallout on Supply Chain Management
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An 18 page paper discussing the changing state of e-business. Investors and venture capitalists alike are hyperventilating over the recent fallout of the dot-coms, those darlings of business that promised to change everthing and make billions for those involved in them. Those no longer with us can be seen as failing to fully or accurately acknowledge the customer, however. It is true that business has changed, but the old principle of effectively filling customers' needs has not. The arrogance of those determined to "do it their way" has led to their demise, allowing more efficient and more customer-responsive models to emerge. The evolution of supply chain management - an aspect of business increasingly critical to efficient business operation - stands as an illustration of the principle. Bibliography lists 17 sources.
Filename: KSsupChnEbiz.wps

E-Business: Has It Been Revolutionary For The Automobile Industry?
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6 pages in length. The concept of e-business has completely revolutionized the automobile industry, providing an incredible potential for growth as this particular sector of commerce moves into the new millennium. Earning millions in sales after being in operation since 1995, is an e-business site where consumers can acquire just about anything they need relating to the automobile industry. To be sure, is not the only Internet-based operation of its kind, but it has proven quite successful in launching itself as a premiere consumer supplier. The competition is fierce, as can be expected in such a lucrative venture; only just recently is it finally being realized just how viable an option e-business is for the progress of the automobile industry. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: TLCEbizA.rtf

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This 7 page paper considers the advantages and disadvantages of entering the e-commerce environment. This paper considers the impact of a major Canadian insurance company and looks at potential savings, fewer barriers, branding as well as problems such as lack of personal contact and set up costs. The bibliography cites 4 sources.
Filename: TEenterec.rtf

E-Commerce - An Analysis
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A 28 page paper that provides a comprehensive analysis of the e-commerce industry beginning with definitions of e-commerce, e-business and an explanation of the different categories, e.g., B2B, B2C, C2C. The writer reports the most recent data regarding e-commerce transactions. The writer also discuses the trends driving e-commerce, strategies used by some of the dot.coms that survived the implosion, technology brick-and-mortar companies use to reduce costs and improve performance, how traditional companies are using e-commerce, the importance of using electronic alternatives for supply chains, and the need to retain customers and suggestions for doing so. The paper ends with a SWOT analysis of e-commerce. Examples are included in the text. Statistical data included. Bibliography lists 23 sources.
Filename: PGecmrc3.rtf

E-commerce and Consumers
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This 21 page paper considers e-commerce and the consumers. Undertaken as a comprehensive literature review. The paper includes an examination of the current status of e-commerce, including statistics and figures in the use of the internet, the growth of e-commerce and the users of the internet. Other issues discussed include the marketing mix, the decision making process, security and advantages and disadvantages for consumers making purchases on the internet. The bibliography cites 25 sources.
Filename: TEecomby.rtf

E-Commerce and CRM
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This 10 page paper looks a fictitious case study and answers questions regarding the implementation of an e-commerce and customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. The paper considers the benefits of e-commerce, the requirements for e-commerce and CRM to be successful and what type of system would be able to provide an holistic solution. The bibliography cites 11 sources.
Filename: TEecocrm.rtf

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