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Papers On Canadian Studies
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Studying the Current Economic, Population, Growth and Age Distribution Rates in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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This is a 6 page paper studying the impact of the economy on population, the population impact on the economy, the growth rate and the age distribution in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The strong economy in Toronto attracts new businesses and has a direct impact on the increase in population in the area. Similarly, the growth in population, primarily from immigration directly impacts the economy of Toronto in that the new immigrant populations provide more investment and business opportunities than the immigrant populations of several decades ago in addition to providing a vital human work force. Other factors which are studied in regards to economic impact are growth rates and age distribution for the growth rate can determined which areas in Canada and regionally Toronto, have increased in population compared with other communities and the age distribution is able to determine present and future trends in regards to goods and services required in addition to predicting future employment trends such as the estimated mass retirement of baby boomers beginning in the year 2010. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: TJToron1.rtf

Suicide Among Canadian Aboriginal Youths: Rates, Causes, and Solutions
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This is a 10 page paper discussing the high rate of suicide among Canadian Aboriginal youths and the possible causes and solutions to the problems. The suicide rate among Canadian Aboriginals living on reservations is more than twice the Canadian average of non-Aboriginals with the largest rate recorded for young Native males. Half the Native communities living in the Northern areas of Canada report suicide as one of the major problems in their community. The causes for the high rates of suicides among Aboriginals seem to relate to the historical treatment of the Natives which through the Canadian government’s attempt at assimilation, the Aboriginals lost ties with their traditional ways of healing and self-government and eventually the means to remain economically stable. These factors led to a high unemployment rate, overcrowding and poor sanitary conditions among many other negative factors which in turn led to an increase in the number of mental and physical disorders such as depression, and alcohol and substance abuse. Within the last decade, several reports from the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and other Aboriginal-based task forces have outlined possible positive solutions for the recovery of the Aboriginal communities which will hopefully reverse the high suicide rates. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: TJftnat1.rtf

Summary and Critical Analysis of Arthur J. Ray’s article “Fur Trade History as an Aspect of Native History”
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This is a 3 page paper discussing Arthur J. Ray’s article “Fur Trade History as an Aspect of Native History”. Arthur J. Ray’s article “Fur Trade History as an Aspect of Native History”, presents the reader with an alternative perspective in regards to the fur trade and the relationship between the Natives and the Europeans in early Canadian history. While Ray does not deny the Europeans exploited the Natives throughout history, he nevertheless presents an argument which suggests the possibility that the Natives were not “unintelligent” in their trading methods and indeed controlled a great deal of the competition and the quality of the merchandise traded through the Hudson’s Bay Company. Ray presents good examples and documentation from the 18th century which provides good evidence for his argument, however economically it is clear that despite the important roles the Natives played in the onset of the process, the Europeans nevertheless overcome the influence of the Natives negating most of the argument proposed by Ray. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: TJfurtr1.rtf

Teen Families Canada
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5 pages in length. Canadian children parented by teenagers face myriad challenges unlike their adult counterparts; still in school themselves, teen parents are ill-equipped to provide for themselves and their babies without the help of such programs as school-based child care that give young mothers and fathers the opportunity to finish school and avoid government assistance. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: TLCteenfam.rtf

Telecom Industry in Winnipeg
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An 8 page paper discussing the local area of Winnipeg, Manitoba in terms of business, industry and demographic changes as they could affect the telecommunications industry there. Two other companies currently offer telephone and related communications services, but there appears to be room for at least one more. Competition is not the evil monster that businesses seem to believe it is. It is quite healthy from both the consumer and the provider points of view, leading to increased innovation and market control of prices. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: KScanadaTele.rtf

Telehealth Nursing in Ontario, Canada
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This is a 5 page paper discussing the Telehealth Ontario nursing system in Ontario, Canada. Telehealth Ontario is a free around the clock health care consultation service which has been available to Ontario citizens since February 2001. The service allows a patient to call a toll free number and talk instantly to health care professionals who are Registered Nurses with over five years experience and have had additional training in telemedicine. The service is beneficial in many ways. Primarily, the service offers patients from rural communities who are often hours away from a health care center the opportunity to have their symptoms assessed by a professional without leaving their home. This not only cuts down on travel costs for the patients but also on admittance costs to the hospitals. The TeleHealth network is also used as a consultation service for specialists in urban centers to be able to assess cases which may be hundreds of miles away. The service also offers general confidential health advice in areas such as dermatology, cardiology, healthy lifestyles, psychiatry and teenage issues just to name a few. Since its introduction, the service has fielded nearly one million calls and allowed for a savings throughout the health care system which has essentially paid for itself. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: TJteleh1.rtf

The Advancement of Equal Rights in Canada in Relation to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
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This is an 8 page paper discussing whether or not Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms has allowed for significant advancement of equality rights in Canada. In 1982, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms included within it Section 15 on “Equality Rights” which guaranteed all individuals equal protection before and under the law without any discrimination especially based on any of the nine factors of “race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex, age, or mental or physical disability”. The second part of the Section also guaranteed the right to affirmative action programs without discrimination. Since that time, the concepts of “equality” and human dignity have become a prominent aspect of the law and even within cases which are not based on Constitutional concerns, equality is very much a large part. Different elements of the legal system have undergone revisions in order to recognize the need for equality within all areas. Some areas such as age discrimination or interprovincial legal differences still need further development in regards to the inequality which still exists. Overall however, it has been felt that the Charter has brought about a noticeable improvement in regards to equality in the country especially concerning the rights of women and minorities and the increased awareness within the legal system that equality is considered an important element of every case. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
Filename: TJChart1.rtf

The Bank of Canada
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This is a 5 page paper discussing the history, function and significance of the Bank of Canada. The Bank of Canada was founded in 1934 as a privately owned corporation and became a Crown corporation in 1938 belonging to the federal government. Since 1938, the Minister of Finance holds the entire share capital issued by the Bank although the Bank of administered by a Governor and a Board of directors. The original Bank of Canada Act of 1934 defines the central role of the Bank of Canada is to “promote the economic and financial well-being of Canada” and the four main responsibilities of the Bank are monetary policy, central banking services, bank notes and administering public debt. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: TJCanIn1.rtf

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