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Papers On Anthropology
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The Nature of Research, Sexuality, and Cultures
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An 8 page consideration of the factors influencing research in sexuality. This paper contends that our understanding of one of the most basic aspects of human life, the aspect of human sexuality, has been warped on a number of fronts by well-meaning yet terribly wrong researchers and scholars who make one pronouncement after another that “this” is the way things are. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
Filename: PPsexualityMythVsFactResearch.rtf

The Neolithic Revolution
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A paper which considers the importance of the Neolithic Revolution, in terms of the transition from nomadic culture to agricultural cultivation, and the impact which this had on the nature of society and culture. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: JLneorev.rtf

The Newira: A Fictional People of the Rainforest
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A 5 page account of a fictional people who inhabit the rainforests. Describes subsistence patterns, economics, and religion as well as provides a "creation story" for these people. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: PPcltFic.wps

The Ok Tedi Mine Case Study and the Relevance of Anthropology
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This 10 page paper relies on the Ok Tedi mine fiasco to provide an impetus to argue that anthropology should be more reactive than objective. The mine issue is related to the people of Papua, New Guinea and concerns the physical and social environments. The role of anthropology is explored. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: SA725ok.rtf

The Origin of Agriculture: The Importance of Environmental Change
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A 5 page review of two articles that investigate the importance of climatic change induced by the Younger Dryas in Southwest Asia. While these articles suggest that climate might be the only factor that was important in the origin of agriculture, the author of this paper contends that there is typically no one answer in archaeology. Nor is there one methodology or technique that is always superior to another in the acquisition of such answers. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: PPagOrgn.rtf

The Origins and Distinctions of First Cities from Settlements
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This is a 15 page paper discussing the origin and distinction of the first cities from communities. There are certain elements which distinguish a settlement from a city and it is the discovery of these elements during excavations of ancient sites that anthropologists and sociologists can determine the timeline of the development of cities from communities. The size of the center does not seem to relate to whether the inhabitants lived in a city or a community, but rather it is the structure of the center than matters. Cities differentiate from communities in that they have centralized structures which indicate that they had a central political system for organization. Another important aspect of cities is that they are distinct in the consistency of the type and materials used in the architecture which indicates that the same group of people, specialists and artisans, constructed the buildings which would indicate the presence of a division of labor. Socially, theories of the formation of cities range from the need for a centralized religious, political or authoritarian group or the need for the organization of irrigation in regards to the betterment of the agricultural society. Regardless of their structure and their development cities are also known to be more “organic” in that the people who would not always agree socially or religiously still worked as a whole for the necessity of need for the works and labors of others. Communities were considered more naturally “mechanical” as the people worked together as a whole and remained together because of family or kinship ties in addition to having the same beliefs, rituals and symbols. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
Filename: TJcitys1.rtf

The Outrigger Canoe and Its Importance to the Peoples of the Marshall Islands
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A 6 page overview of this technological marvel. The author of this paper describes these canoes and notes their importance to Pacific Island culture. Its construction was a community affair, one involving many coordinated man hours. It pulled the people together and it played a large role in the way they interacted in their world. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: PPcanoeM.rtf

The Phylogenetic Relationships of African Hominids: The Cladistic Verses the Molecular Data Approach
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A 10 page overview of the manner in which phylogenetic relationships are determined. This paper given an outline of both the cladistic approach and the molecular data approach, emphasizing that each has their place in establishing the phylogeny of African hominids. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
Filename: PPphylo2.rtf

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