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Papers On Africa
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Prince Among Slaves by Terry Alford
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( 5 pp.) Among Henry Clay's documents, for the year 1829 we find the January 1 entry, "Prince Ibrahima, an Islamic prince sold into slavery 40 years ago, and freed with the stipulation that he return (in this case the word "return" makes sense) to Africa, joined the black citizens of Philadelphia as an honored guest in their New Year's Day parade, up Lombard and Walnut, and down Chestnut and Spruce streets. A few lines that hide a much bigger story. That life-story has been recorded in Terry Alford's 1977 book Prince Among Slaves, the focus of this discussion
Filename: BBprslav.doc

Problems in African Countries
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Approximately 8 pages worth of notes & overview of socio-political problems in various African countries including : Zaire, Nigeria, Algeria, Sudan... Bibliography lists 7+ sources.
Filename: Afriprob.wps

Problems of Women in Sub-Saharan Africa
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This 4 page paper examines the problems of women and highlights prostitution, AIDS and lack of education. Gender inequality is the focus of this paper. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: SA706SSA.rtf

Problems with the Process of Democracy in Zambia and Zimbabwe
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This is an 11 page paper discussing the problems facing the process of democracy in Zambia and Zimbabwe. The concept of democracy as representative government and the observance of human rights has long been considered one of the major issues in regards to the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Since their independence, Zambia in 1964 and Zimbabwe officially in 1980, the governments of Zambia and Zimbabwe had been one-party systems with powerful rulers. Within the last decade however, multi-party elections have been introduced in an attempt to introduce democracy. There have been problems with the democratization process however and the countries have continued to decline in regards to their economic conditions, health conditions, levels of poverty and international relations. Some of these problems are blamed on the corruption which lies within each government while others argue that democracy undermines traditional chieftainship within Southern Africa considered extremely important in internal relations which if disregarded would lead to instability. While the international community continues to pressure the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe to continue their process toward democracy, recent research within these nations has showed that democracy per se is understood to mean freedom of civil liberties and the expectation of relief from the current socio-economic conditions; conditions which may not be easily met even in the event of political democracy. Bibliography lists 14 sources.
Filename: TJdemZZ1.rtf

Progress of HIV/AIDS in Uganda and the UK
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An 18 page paper discussing health promotion and its effects in Uganda and the UK relative to the progress of HIV/AIDS infection. The paper reviews the Pender health promotion model and characteristics of adult learning, as well as reviewing the experiences that have made Uganda the only sub-Saharan African nation to date to have been able to reduce the prevalence of AIDS in its adult population. Passion appears to define the difference in approaches to health promotion in Uganda and the UK. The UK has all of the financial resources that Uganda does not and has implemented all action areas specified in WHO's Bangkok Charter, yet it has an increasing problem that is most pronounced within the single segment of the society. It seems clear that Uganda's great success in beating back the advance of HIV/AIDS can be traced back to the openness and willingness to talk about the matter as individuals and various government officials claim. This is a quality lacking in "developed" nations, where prevention hinges primarily on screening processes and unemotional reviews of facts. Bibliography lists 19 sources.
Filename: KSaidsUganUK.rtf

Proposal to Study Aspects of SADC-Led Peace in Southern Africa
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A 5 page paper providing a proposal to study the nations of Southern Africa, along with the Singapore of 1960 and Costa Rica of 1980. Both of these nations effected dramatic increases in per capita income when they developed sustainable export economies. The SADC strives to build economic prosperity while simultaneously promoting peace. Most of the nation members of SADC have little to loose; the premise here is that an economically successful nation will be less willing to institute hostilities with neighbors than will be one possessing economic prosperity that can be lost through military conflict. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: KSAfricaSADC.wps

Questions and Answers About King Leopold
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This 5 page paper provides bulleted information about literature on King Leopold and the destruction he had done in the Congo. This is not written in essay format but is suitable as a study guide on the topic. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: SA609Leo.rtf

Questions on Africa
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A 15 page research paper that answers 4 questions on contemporary African issues. Topics include the movement towards democracy, economic issues, the systemic poverty in Africa, and the problem of AIDS. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: khqusafr.rtf

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