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Papers On Africa
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Nawal: An African Child
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A 3 page paper which presents the hypothetical case of a young African girl named Nawal. The paper examines what the risks are and what hope may be present for her future. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: RAnawal.rtf

Nelson Mendela, "an ordinary man."
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(5 pp) Personal tribal history, and sheer force of will propelled Nelson Mendela into politics; it is unlikely that apartheid would have been abolished with his tenacity, and organizational skills. To say that the right person was in the right place at the right time is not to negate any of Medela's skills, but neither can time and situation be ignored. According to Brink (2000), Mandela himself argues, that "I was not a messiah, but an ordinary man, who had become a leader because of extraordinary circumstances." Bibliography lists 6 sources
Filename: BBmndla.doc

Neo-Liberalism in Australia’s Social Support System
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Before the mid-1990s, public policy was based on a welfare state in which the government was viewed as the answer to all societal ills. For example, in the circumstance where a person was without employment, that person would be assisted by the government with financial support. This changed with globalization, the end of the Cold War and the global market economy. Emulating their new fiscal outlooks, governments began applying “fiscal restraint” to all government policies and programs, which has become one of tenets of the neo-liberal discourse. Bibliography lists 12 sources. jvNeolib.rtf
Filename: jvNeolib.rtf

New Zealand & Zimbabwe Domestic Politics
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A 7 page research paper. At one time domestic and international politics could be evaluated as somewhat separate topics. In the contemporary world this is no longer, as international events penetrate domestic politics and domestic politics frequently have international repercussions. This principle is demonstrated with large states and also within small states such as New Zealand and Zimbabwe. The writer discusses this topic in relation to both of these countries. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: khzeazim.rtf

Ngangura Mweze's "Life Is Rosy" / "La Vie Est Belle"
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5 pages in length. La Vie Est Belle (Life Is Rosy) by Ngangura Mweze is a wonderfully funny story about love, social acceptance and the trouble people will go to achieve both in their lives. Director Mweze took a story line completely different from the typical African cinematic representation and offered the public a more carefree approach to life than is so common of African films. Indeed, Mweze has a reputation of reaching out and inviting his audience to experience with him the sometimes intense and often comical sense of being that is clearly portrayed within his cinematic work, with La Vie Est Belle serving as a fine example. No bibliography.
Filename: TLCrosy.doc

Ngugi wa Thiongo’s “The River Between”
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This is a 7 page paper discussing Ngugi wa Thiongo’s novel “The River Between” (1965). Ngugi wa Thiongo’s novel “The River Between” tells the story of the division between two Kikuyu communities in regards to their adherence or denial of the Western and Christian beliefs and education. The story takes place in the late 1920s and 1930s and tells of the division between the two communities which are divided between the Christians and the non-Christians. Ngugi uses several elements within his work to highlight the division between the communities. Firstly, he portrays a visual division in his description of the landscape which consists of the two communities on “antagonistic” ridges facing each other across the river. Secondly, he highlights one of the traditional rituals, circumcision, to show how the inclusion of the ritual in one community leads to a different social and gender structure than that of the Christian community which has been educated that circumcision is a “sin”. Regardless of the education however, the community left without circumcision does not feel that all of the stages to adulthood are met in the Christian religion. The novel also includes several mythological elements by Ngugi which are found to be traditional “savior” elements consistent with literary and religious themes across all religions. In the case of “The River Between” however, the savior elements are once again related to the land which must be conserved and protected against the invading colonists. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: TJNgugi1.rtf

Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s Weep Not, Child:
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This 6 page paper discusses this novel which is set in Kenya during the Mau Mau rebellion. Issues such as the uprising, the colonial situation and land issues are examined both from a historical context as well as in terms of this novel. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: GSWeepNt.rtf

Ngugi’s “Petals of Blood” and Achebe’s “Arrow of God"
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This 5 page report discusses the Kenyan novelist Ngugi wa Thiong’o, also known as James Ngugi (1938 - ) and his fourth novel, “Petals of Blood” (1977). The book serves as both a sarcastic and bitter indictment against the leaders of post-independence Kenya and how they betrayed the country. Chinua Achebe (1930 - ) of Nigeria is one of Africa’s best-known and most honored writers. His “Arrow of God,” the second of Achebe’s novels of colonialism, takes place in the 1920’s after the British have established a presence in Nigeria. No secondary sources.
Filename: BWngugi.doc

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