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Papers On Economics And Economic Theory
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How Does Wall Street Affect the US Economy?
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A 5 page paper discussing the need for restructuring of financial market regulation and the effects that stock market activity can have on the nation's economic well-being. Banks also invest heavily in Wall Street, and market downturns adversely affect banks' profitability; ability to make commercial loans to businesses for expansion; and can even result in depositors losing principal. Banks must be able to operate in the "new age of investing" while still being accountable to depositors and their own investors. Banks currently are forced to operate in a new economic age under regulations designed for the past. Those regulations need to be restructured. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: KSWallSt.wps

How Fiscal and Monetary Policy Affect the U.S. Economy
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This 5 page paper provides an overview of the Federal Reserve Bank as well as the role of fiscal policy on the U.S. economy. Examples are provided and terms are defined. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: SA115fed.doc

How Globalization Reduces Costs
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This 10 page paper considers how globalization is able to lower costs. The paper looks at issues such as how production or supply may be maximised making use of the theory of diminishing returns, the impact of elasticity and the way that input and outputs can all be managed to decrease costs. The bibliography cites 7 sources.
Filename: TEglocost.rtf

How Government Spending Can Increase A National Income
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This 6 page paper uses the ideas of John Maynard Keynes to demonstrate how government spending may increase national income. Included in the discussion are the trickle down effect, the multiplier and the accelerator effect. The paper included two examples of Keynesian Cross Diagram (AD diagrams), that illustrate this effect. The bibliography cites 6 sources.
Filename: TEgovspn.rtf

How Increased Competition from Generic Drugs Has Affected Prices And Returns In The Pharmaceutical Industry
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This 14 page paper examines the way in which prices of branded drugs, and the related profit they create for the pharmaceutical companies, is impacted when patents expire and the branded drugs have to compete with generic products. The paper considers how the law of supply and demand manifests in this market where an increase in supply does result in a reduction of prices and to what extent this occurs. The paper also looks at the US Hatch-Waxman Act which was introduced to decrease the barriers of entry for the generic drugs whilst the patent periods were extended. The bibliography cites 5 sources.
Filename: TEdrugpr.rtf

How Keynes Arrived at His Theories
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This 5 page paper looks at the life and times of John Maynard Keynes and how he derived his theories. Not only is his life and how he came up with his theories discussed, but it is discussed in the context of the day. How his theories are applicable to today is also included. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: SA313Key.rtf

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This 3-page paper examines the four principles of decision-making (also known as the four principles of individual choice) and provides an example of how these work. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: MTdeciecon.rtf

How The Role Of The State In East Asian Economies Differs From The Teachings Of Liberal Economics
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5 pages in length. Korea, when used as an example of how the state's role in East Asian economies differs from the teachings of liberal economics, lends a great deal to understanding this separation. Clearly, there exist both strengths and weaknesses of the developmental state, which can be readily acknowledged merely by way of close examination. South Korea, for instance, has experienced significant changes since the end of World War II with regard to modernity. The successes associated with its progress and production as a country as they relate to the global economy, as well as the problems inherently related to the typical growing pains of a nation fraught with strife, have posed considerable obstacles for South Korea. Indeed, the twentieth century has provided South Korea with a number of improvements to its society and economy as a means by which to afford this so-called newly industrializing country's GNP the opportunity to prosper. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: TLCLibEc.wps

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