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Papers On Economics And Economic Theory
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Farming / In a Keynesian World
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A 3 page essay which states that the budget surplus should be applied to the various farm economic protection bills for the simple reason that farming cannot in any way respond to a Keynesian-based economy, and countries who do not feed their citizens become Third World countries. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: Keynesin.wps

Federal Reserve And Monetary Policy
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A 4 page paper that begins by explaining what monetary policies are and how they are used to stabilize the economy. The writer then discusses what the Federal Reserve Bank is and its importance to the economy of the United States. The writer then reports the current economic state of the nation and the direction of recent monetary policies. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: PGfedmp.rtf

Federal Reserve And Monetary Policy - Effect On Economy
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This 10 page paper begins with an overview of the Federal Reserve Bank system, its duties and importance. The different monetary policy instruments the Fed uses are explained and discussed with examples, e.g., open market operations, reserve requirements and the discount window. Each is discussed. Examples include how the Fed used its options after the attacks of September 11, 2001 and again, how the Fed used its instruments following Katrina. The writer demonstrates that while monetary policy can expand or constrain economic growth, events in the economy also affect what the Federal Reserve Bank will do. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: PGfedo5.rtf

Federal Reserve Policies and the Economic Crisis
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This 4 page paper examines questions posed by a student about the economic crisis and the response of the Fed in 2009. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: SA911ec.rtf

Female Wage and Labor Differentials in Canada: History, Difference in Labor Markets, The Wage Gap, General Discrimination and Trends
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This is a 12 page paper discussing wage and labor differentials for women in Canada. Within Canada today, women in the labor force generally make 70 to 80 cents for every dollar men make. This “wage gap” has actually decreased greatly over the years but still has a long way to go for total equity in the work place despite positive legislation in the 1970s and 1980s. Historically, women within Canada have been “crowded” into certain female-dominated professions such as clerical positions, nursing, teaching, domestic work, social work and sales and services. While clerical work once was comparable with male blue-collar jobs in regards to pay, the increase in unionization in many blue-collar trades left most of the female-dominated positions as those which were lower paid. As women shifted away from clerical positions and proceeded to attain degrees in higher education, the wage gap began to decrease but then women encountered the “glass ceiling” in which women held a disproportionate number of positions in the lowest quartile in large corporations. Today, women still have lower average salaries than men despite the gain in higher education. One of the reasons found within studies by Statistics Canada and others is that women who choose to have and raise children lose experience during their absence; experience men continue to gain which in turn leads to more promotions. Another reason believed for the continue wage gap is discrimination which still exists within employers, co-workers and the general population somewhat who still categorize some professions as “female” (such as teaching) and some as “male” (such as the trades) and in essence this restricts female workers from opportunities within the blue collar and higher executive markets. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: TJwompd1.rtf

Financial Analysis for Albertson's, Inc.
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5 pages in length. Gives an overall look at the profitability of the Albertson's Company. Comparisons are for a three year period where applicable, and are for the current year where necessary. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: JGAalson.wps

Financial Analysis of Agritope, Inc.
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6 pages in length. A current financial analysis of Agritope, Inc., using gross margin, net profit margin, current ratio, quick ratio, debt to equity ratio, interest coverage and return on assets and return on shareholder’s equity. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: JGAagrit.wps

Financial Considerations in a Takeover Bid
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10 pages in length. This paper is written from the perspective of the financial advisor for the public company of International Leisure and the proposed takeover bid of Gamefair Ltd. This report gives consideration to the interests of the founders of Gamefair Ltd. and to the venture capitalists as well. Excellent descriptions are given of accounting ratios, stock and equity information, as well as weighted average cost of capital and business risk. This is a good example paper for any type of company involved in a takeover bid.
Filename: JGAfnadv.wps

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