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Papers On Economics And Economic Theory
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Elasticity of Demand: Health Care
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A 9 page paper discussing the microeconomic effects of spiraling health care costs. The presence of the third-party payer masks the effect of elasticity of demand for health care, as it does its microeconomic effects. It does not mask the results, however. As politicians continue to haggle over the future of Medicare and it continues to set the standard for private health insurers, increasing numbers of households can expect to have decreased access to health care. Includes 1 chart. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: KSeconHlthElas.rtf

Electronic Financing And The Future Of Paper Money
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20 pages in length. The purpose behind the banking industry implementing any change is to augment the capacity of its clientele. Inasmuch as change can be both a beneficial and detrimental endeavor, it is a very wise decision for the industry to wholly investigate all potential gains and losses long prior to employing this important modification. In this day and age, it is critical to the overall success of banking businesses to expand beyond the limited horizons of the past; indeed, to be able to diversify and reach toward loftier goals is only possible in the contemporary market by striving to bring together a variety of networking capabilities. Those like the banking industry that have established a sense of innovation within the framework of their industries have, historically, had positive results in the final outcome; however, to be fair, there have also been those who have attempted to incorporate the concept of such vastness in operation only to find that this particular venture was not as productive as they had anticipated. For the banking industry to follow suit upon the Internet is for it to completely and utterly open up to the whims of progress in the twenty-first century; with the evolution of ATM's, debit cards and the like, the global community is moving forward to the inevitable cashless society. Bibliography lists 16 sources.
Filename: TLCelecF.rtf

Employment Opportunities on the Internet
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A 5 page paper which discusses three separate jobs which appeared in a job search on the Internet. the position requirements and other useful pieces of information are illustrated, as well as the writer's reactions to the information discovered. This is followed by a brief discussion of possible techniques to be used in the writing of a resume for the particular positions. Sources are attached. No Bibliography provided.
Filename: RAemploy.wps

Enhancing Results of a Pool Business
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A 5 page paper assessing several points of economic consideration regarding the operation and potential expansion of a small, one-location swimming pool service and supply business. Questions address topics including elasticity of demand; law of diminishing return; economies of scale; potential price strategies; and business expansion possibilities. EPS is in an ideal position to enhance its business results without the need for a great amount of additional effort or cost. The paper recommends it increase its number of commercial accounts and increase retail sales. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: KSmgtPoolEcon.rtf

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This 7-page paper discusses measurements of national income (such as Ireland), circular income flow, and fallacies of both. Some economic figures about Ireland are also included with this paper.
Filename: MTireinc.rtf

Example Calculations of Economic Tables;
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This 7 page paper answers special questions posed by the student on the calculation of the table. It calculates some ver specific tables using partly factual information and partly assumptions in order to demonstrate the methodology.
Filename: TEecotab.wps

Exchange Rate Questions
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This 7 page paper answers three questions set by the student. The first looks at what will happen to the nominal exchange rate and domestic interest rates if a countries exports fall, and how different actions by the government will impact on the exchange rate and interest rate. The second question considers the impact of printing more money on the exchange rate and the local economy. The last question explains the incompatible trinity also known as the impossible trinity or the unholy trinity and shows how this is seen in real life. The bibliography cites 1 sources.
Filename: TEintrinty.rtf

Exchange Rate Theories
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This 5 page paper outlines various exchange rate theories and their accuracy. These include Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), Covered Interested Rate Parity (CIRP), Uncovered Interested Rate Parity (UCIRP), The Monetary Approach and the Monetarist Model. The bibliography cites 6 pages.
Filename: TEexcthr.rtf

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