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Papers On Money & Banking / Corporate Finance
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The US Stock Market in the Late 1990s
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A 14 page paper discussing the activity of the US stock market over the past five years, reasons it behaved as it did and suggestions for decreasing volatility. The US stock market can be lucrative for patient investors who make good decisions. There are many more protections in place now that did not exist in 1929, including the ability to suspend trading on any day when the market is showing great decline. However, the old rule of not investing more than can be lost without great consequence is still the one to follow. Until investors are able to read annual reports trusting that there is no work of fiction involved, regulatory agencies need to continue increasing scrutiny in financial reporting. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: KSstckMkt1990s.rtf

The Use and Contradictions of Total Costing and Marginal Costing
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This 9 p-age paper looks at how accountants refer to full cost whilst at the same time using contribution theory and break-even analysis and critically appraises the two approaches which appear to contradict to each other. The bibliography cites 10 sources.
Filename: TEtotalc.rtf

The Use and Misuse of Derivatives
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This 8 page paper considers what derivatives are and then looks at some examples of how they should and should not be used. The examples of usage include the use of futures for long and short hedging and for speculation. The bibliography cites 6 sources.
Filename: TEmisdvt.rtf

The Use and Misuse of Figures and Statistical Analysis
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This 20 page paper is written in four parts. Part one looks at a business proposal carries pout forecasts for the proposal of a new restaurant, showing how weekly, monthly and yearly forecasts can be made using excel. This section also shows the formula tables used for the projections. This section also considers the aspects which may not be including in financial proposals, such as stakeholder analysis and also the different between the flat rate and the annual percentage rate also known as the APR. The second part of the paper looks at time series data, what it is, how it can be used and presented using excel, and also the problems when using monetary time series data, explaining the difference between current and constant prices. Examples are given on this section. The third part of the paper looks at cross sectional data, what it is an how it can be used, an example is given. The example given is then analysed and the potential problems with this analysis are discussed. The last part of the paper explores correlation coefficients. Looking at what they are and how they may be used, as well as the way in which they maybe misused or misinterpreted. Examples are given to illustrate points raised. The bibliography cites 7 sources.
Filename: TEfigstat.rtf

The Use of Accounts to Make Business Decisions
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This 9 page paper examines a case study provided by the student which looks at accounts for a hotel and seeks to determine hat management decisions have been made and on what they were based as well as what information can be gained from these accounts.
Filename: TEpenins.rtf

The Use of Capital Budgeting
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10 pages. This paper will explain the use of capital budgeting in the real world by explaining how companies actually use the theories that are studied in a text. Using actual companies examples will be shown of the use of capital budgeting in different circumstances. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: JAcaptbd.rtf

The Use of Countertrade for Global Financing and Managing Risk
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Countertrade is becoming increasingly popular. This 5 page paper consider show it is being used in order to manage and minimise risk, especially in international trade and how it is used in terms of global financing. The bibliography cites 9 sources.
Filename: TEglobalcounter.rtf

The Use of Flowcharts in Accounting
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This 4 page paper demonstrates how a flow chart can be used in accounting to trace the accounting system. Issued invoices are used as an example. The paper then shows how placing the system into a flow chart can highlight potential improvements in the system. The bibliography cites 1 source.
Filename: TEflowch.rtf

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